In 1844 the Omnibus service was inaugurated, replaced in 1877 by a horse-drawn tram line between the city centre (starting from Piazza Cavour) and the sea (Viale Principe Amedeo). The service was seasonal.
In 1917 the first stretch of an electric tram line led up to the Ospini Marini (Piazza Tripoli), inaugurated on 1 July 1921. The management was entrusted by the company RATE from the 1 April 1923, for two years.
The route from Ospizi Marini to Miramare was activated in 1925.
On April 1, 1926, there was a change in management when the company “Tramvie elettrici” took over from RATE.
On June 27, 1927, the last route was inaugurated up until Riccione.
In the ’30s the increase in tourism determined the necessity to strengthen the service and the General Electricity Company studied the transformation of the tramway trolleybus.
The tram terminated its service on January 15, 1939 and in July of the same year the trolleybus service operated by the Sita company was activated.
Because of the war the service was suspended from 1946 up to 1954.
In 1960 the management passed into the hands of the municipal company A.T.A.M. (Municipal Transportation Autofiloviari Company)
In 1992 the company became known as Tram.

On 1 January 1992 the consortium company T.R.A.M. (acronym of Trasporti Riuniti Area Metropolitana) which, for the unitary and integrated exercise of public transport of urban and extra-urban people of the area and surrounding areas, it used the resources, movable and property assets conferred by the Consortium Bodies and already supplied to respective companies of origin of ATAM (Municipal Transport Company of Municipalities) of Rimini, TPU (Urban Public Transport) of Riccione and part of ATR (Azienda Trasporti Romagnoli) of the Consorzio Trasporti Romagnolo.
The consortium company is made up of 21 member bodies: the Municipality of Bellaria, Cattolica, Coriano, Gemmano, Misano Adriatico, Mondaino, Monte Colombo, Montefiore Conca, Montegridolfo, Montescudo, Morciano di Romagna, Poggio Berni, Riccione, Rimini, Saludecio, San Clemente, San Giovanni in Marignano, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Torriana, Verucchio and Province of Rimini.
On October 28, 1996, 5 new members belonging to the provinces of Forlì-Cesena and Pesaro-Urbino joined the company: Borghi, Gabicce Mare, Savignano sul Rubicone, Sogliano al Rubicone and Tavoleto.
With the 1998 program agreement, the tram consortium took on the responsibility for the implementation of the TRC – Rimini fs – Riccione fs route and its management. TRAM is also co-financier of the work, together with the municipalities of Rimini and Riccione, the Emilia Romagna Region and the State.
In 2000 the TRAM Consortium proposed to the Ministry about the construction of the two so-called “extremities” sections of the TRC, namely the Rimini Fs-Fiera line and the Riccione FS – Cattolica

On 26 June 2000 the Mountain Community Alta Valmarecchia – zone “A” – including the Municipalities of Novafeltria, Pennabilli, S.Agata Feltria, San Leo, Maiolo, Talamello and Casteldelci – decided to join the consortium company T.R.A.M.

On December 18, 2000, the Consortium Assembly resolved to split the consortium company T.R.A.M. the transport branch, giving it to TRAM Servizi Ltd and transforming the Consortium into the TRAM Agency.

Since that date,  they operate in the area asTRAM and TRAM Servizi Ltd.

In accordance to the L.R. Emilia Romagna article n. 30 of 2.10.1998
Performs functions of:
• planning and organization of the TPL services entrusting the management through a tender to A.T.G .;
• Sale of travel tickets
• Tariff parking management for some Municipalities of the Province
• Management of other services entrusted by the Municipalities (taxes, etc. …).

In charge of the construction of the “TRC -Rimini Fiera – Cattolica” rapid mass transportation system.

TRAM Services Ltd. is the TPL Service Manager;

The Province and the Municipality of Rimini take an active part, as do the Municipalities of the Province and by some Municipalities of the Provinces of Forlì / Cesena and Pesaro / Urbino;

It carries out urban and suburban tram trolleybus services.

In 2001 A.T.G coach rental service called Tram Away! was started.


On 25 July 2002 the ATG (Adriatic Transport Group) Consortium was established  between public and private companies carrying out local public transport services within the territory of Romagna.

The objective of the consortium is to promote and coordinate actions of common interest, seeking out and fostering all the most appropriate management synergies, with the aim of improving the quality and economic savings of the members’ activities, while respecting the autonomy of individuals.

Since 2006 , the traffic area of the Province of Rimini, local public transport (TPL) self-owned by local authorities, is exercised by 2 public and 4 private companies, part of the Consortium Adriatic Transport Group (ATG), which is signatory of the SERVICE CONTRACT with AM, having won the public tender announced by the Agency itself.

The companies belonging to the A.T.G. Consortium which exercise the LPT in the Rimini basin are the following:

TRAM Services Ltd;
F.E.R., Emilia Romagna Railway- operates mainly suburban services
Autoservizi Alumni Giuliano
Bacchini Giancarlo e C.
Autolinee Boldrini
Bonelli Bus

On 1 May 2006, the TRAM Agency assumed the new name of the Agenzia Mobilità – in accordance to art. 19 of the Reg. Emilia-Romagna Law 2.10.1998 n. 30 – to underline corporate action in the field of mobility, public transport and parking regulations more clearly and with greater force.

These include: the Province of Rimini, all the Municipalities of the Province of Rimini, some municipalities of the Province of Forlì-Cesena and the Province of Pesaro-Urbino, the Unione Comuni Alta Val Marecchia.

From 1 June 2009, the sale of tickets issued to the Mobility Agency was transferred to TRAM Servizi S.p.a. that exercises it in the name of the ATG Consortium, this in compliance with a provision of the Emilia Romagna Region which imposed the transfer of ticketing systems to a service provider.

On 1 May 2012, the management of the rest areas entrusted by the Municipality of Rimini ends as the approval nevertheless to re-internalize the service.

On November 4, 2009, the three historic companies of the AVM Romagnolo transport in Forlì-Cesena, ATM in Ravenna and TRAM Servizi created a Holding called START Romagna Ltd. with its registered office in Cesena, thus creating a single body that could manage the entire transport sector of the Romagna basin.

During 2009 a process of reorganization of the local public transport system began, due to the application of the provisions of Regional Law n. 10/2008 which imposed:

the transfer to the operators of the commercial activity of selling tickets (so-called “ticket”);

the reorganization of the subjects involved in the planning, assignment and control of the local public transport service (in a sort of “Authority”) exempt from commercial activities.

In fulfilment of these legal obligations, from 1 June 2009 the “ticketing” activity was transferred from AM to ATG through the sale of the corresponding commercial branch of AM (sale of tickets).

From 2011 START ROMAGNA became the new management company of public transport in Romagna.


Born from the union of the branches related to the TPL of the Agencies of the Romagna basin, from 1 March 2017 it has carried out – in the Romagna territorial area – consisting of the three territorial basins of the Forlì Provinces – Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna – all the functions of a mobility agency in the field of Local Public Transport.

It is the company that will have the ban of the tender for the assignment of local public transport services in the “Romagna” area.