Mission – for sustainable mobility

The MISSION that moves PMR in implementing its role is to contribute to the creation of an integrated sustainable mobility system.

This is a tool for managing the assets of the networks and most of the property which is instrumental to the performance of the Local Public Transport service and has been proposed to its Member Bodies for the development of innovative and integrated mobility projects with respect to the environment and the quality of life.

P Asset Management , orientated towards sustainability through the enhancement of assets, resource research, design and innovation.
M Integrated Mobility – support to member bodies in order to think, design and implement integrated and sustainable Mobility Systems.
R Union and intersection of the Networks – analysis, study and research of integrated systems in the territory composed of Municipal shareholders, from the perspective of development of the metropolitan coast city and interconnection of the hinterland with the coast.


PMR Research Innovation and Development

Within the structure there is a Laboratory for research, innovation and the development of collective mobility systems to support the needs of the Municipal Shareholders.

Laboratory design areas

– TRC Rapid Coast Transport – Implementation of the first route from Rimini Station to Riccione Station
– Development of integrated mobility and transport systems
– Design of integrated information and urban orientation systems (Place-wayfinding system)
– Communication and marketing
– Educational teaching