Via Coletti property complex

The property complex located in Via Coletti, 44 in Rimini, has been home to the suburban services of the Rimini basin from the late 50s up to 1992, when they merged into the TRAM Consortium and transferred to Viale C.A. Dalla Chiesa. Designed in 1954 by technicians of SITA in Florence – management of Rimini and inaugurated in 1958, from 1961 until 1992 it was managed by the ATR of Forlì. Currently, in addition to hosting the company warehouses, it is also home to special transport services for the disabled and elderly and managed by La Romagnola Cooperative and other tourist services carried out by Bepast Tourist using a small tourist train.

The industrial complex consists of:
– the Warehouse deposit for the parking of surface vehicles amounts to approximately 5,800 square meters;
– the headquarter offices on two floors with a covered area of 590 square meters;
– the Workshop – Warehouse with a covered area of 980 square meters;
– the Vehicle wash area with a covered area of 250 square meters.

Adjacent to the complex there is an appurtenant area with a surface area of about 19,000 square meters, temporarily used for sports activities.