Rimini-Riccione trolley-bus system

The system is an intercommunal trolley-bus line named line 11 that connects the centre of Rimini to the Terme di Riccione through 54 stops positioned at an average interaxle spacing of 250 meters. The line has been in service since July 1939 on the historic route from what was the Piazza Giulio Cesare (now Piazza Tre Martiri) in Rimini to Piazzale Giardini in Riccione and had replaced the previous Electrical Tram that used to depart from Piazza Cavour in the municipality of Rimini .

The route, departing from the Historic Centre of Rimini and passing  through the Central Station of the Bologna –Ancona railway line at Viale Rodi, arrives at Viale Principe Amedeo, Marina Centro in the current Piazzale Federico Fellini and passes the shoreline along Viale Vespucci, Viale Regina Elena, Regina Margherita and Principe di Piemonte in the Municipality of Rimini and Viale D’Annunzio and Viale Milano in the Municipality of Riccione. The line entrusted to the SITA Company of Florence – management of Rimini passed into the hands of ATAM Rimini in 1959 and since then has followed the various corporate transformations. Starting from November 1998, following the pedestrianization of Piazza Tre Martiri, the Rimini terminus was moved to the entrance of Viale Dante adjacent to the former church of San Girolamo.

In August 2001, the shared line of Riccione was extended to the Terme di Riccione where the current terminus is situated in Piazzale Marinai d’Italia. The line, 12.8 km long, is supported by 980 structures in c.a.c., steel and 51 wall hooks, a rigid type double-wire overhead contact line in the stretch between the Rimini terminus and Piazzale Curiel in Riccione while in the terminal stretch up to the Terme di Riccione it is self-compensating elastic. At the Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto traffic circle in the municipality of Rimini and Piazzale Curiel in the municipality of Riccione, automated exchanges with infrared remote controls are set up for the implementation of partial services along the line.

The plant is powered by a voltage of 600 Vcc from 4 electric transformer cabins:
– Via Cappellini in the municipality of Rimini (the only remaining part of the historic warehouse in Via Baldini);
– Via Rimembranze – Bellariva of Rimini;
– via Fucini – Riccione Alba;
– viale F.lli Bandiera – Riccione Abissinia.

The service is currently employed by the company START Romagna Ltd. which uses 6 model AG300T articulated buses of 18 m supplied by the company Van Hool in service since 2011.
Previously throughout its history the service on the line was performed:
– from 1939 to 1954 using the trolleybus FIAT 635F and 656F CGE;
– from 1955 to 1976 using the FIAT 2411 Cansa and Menarini CGE;
– from 1977 to 2010 using 17 the Volvo Mauri B59 Ansaldo.